Website Analytics

Measure your website’s success

What are Website Analytics?

When your website is properly configured, the actions of your website visitors can be measured and recorded as data. Consequently, we can measure actions such as the duration on page, how many visitors on each page, how many pages each user visits and which link they clicked to arrive at your site.

Website analytics, therefore, refers to the process of recording and analysing the data created by website visitor behaviours.

Why are Website Analytics important?

By analysing user behaviour on your website, for instance, we can determine not only where your website is performing well, but where it is letting you down. So, for example, we can identify each stage of your user’s journey on your website. We can not only track the web page they land on, but right up to a successful conversion.

By testing, experimenting and measuring, we can evaluate user behaviour. As a result, we can use what we have learnt to optimise your website and create a streamlined user experience for your website visitors.

A/B Testing

Website analytics allows us to perform experiments such as A/B testing. For instance, we show two versions of the same page randomly to different visitors to see which one performs best. By studying the website analytics we can determine what your visitors are looking for from your site. And, consequently, which approach is most likely to help you to optimise your conversion rate.

How can Sussex Digital Marketing help?

Firstly, we need to understand what your business goals are and the role that your website plays in your digital marketing strategy. This, therefore, will help us to understand your customer journey and what functions your website is expected to perform.

We will then ask for access to any website analytics that you currently have. If you do not have any set up then we will set it up for you. We will likely suggest some custom measurements that reflect your conversion metrics or specific stages of your user journey.

By analysing the data that is produced and tweaking the website accordingly, we will be able to optimise your website. Thus improving the user experience and increasing the amount of conversions, helping you to achieve your business goals.

Our Work

If you think your website could be performing better, then we’d love to speak to you. Send us a message today to see how we can help. However, if you’d like to see some examples of our work before you get in touch, then why not check out our portfolio.

A tablet device showing the Kitchen Design section of the Holmewood Interiors Homepage.
A mobile device showing the HR adminstration page from the Cooperative HR website.
A desktop computer showing a section of the front page of the Billingshurst Lions Club website.