Ziwa Rhino & Wildlife Ranch was set up to re-introduce the white rhino back into Uganda. The species had previously been hunted to extinction, but in 2006, six rhinos were introduced to the sanctuary. At the start of 2023 there were 34 rhinos roaming freely around the 27 square miles of the ranch.

Ziwa is also home to a huge variety of birds and other wildlife that attract visitors from around the world. They run nature treks, birding walks and are well known for their early morning shoebill stork canoe trek.

The owners of Ziwa got in touch with us to discuss their website. It had been built locally, and wasn’t really working for them. It was slow, difficult to navigate, lacking in information and not registering on search engines.

Keyword & Competitor Research

We started with a long discussion about the ranch, the services that they offer and their plans for the future. Following this, armed with the information we needed, we set about carrying out keyword research. This process involves thinking of every conceivable keyword that potential ranch visitors might type into a search engine. We then run them through different online tools to ascertain keyword volumes and ranking difficulty. Then, all the information gathered gets put into a spreadsheet that is designed to allow us to filter the keywords.

But at this point, the research wasn’t quite finished. We looked to see what websites are already ranking for our chosesn keywords. Competitor research helped us to further refine our keyword target list based on what search terms were more achievable.

So, why did we go to all this effort? If you’re carrying out SEO without the research, then you’re really just doing it on a ‘best guess’ basis. With a keyword strategy, websites have the best possible chance of ranking for the best performing and most appropriate keywords.

A tablet device showing the Blog section of the Ziwa Rhino & Wildlife Ranch website.
A mockup of a mobile phone showing the Contact page of the Ziwa Rhino & Wildlife Ranch website.

Website Copywriting & Image Optimisation

The next part of the process was to create the content. With our newly created list of target keywords, we set about writing the new copy for the website. The copy from the old site didn’t hold much SEO value, so we started with a blank canvas. The structure of a website and its ease of navigation is a really important factor when considering the user experience. So we designed the navigation architecture of the website and began writing.

The client had lots of imagery to share with us. Some were good quality, but some were not so good. We spent some time in Photoshop enhancing the imagery, with a little bit of photo manipulation here and there. All images were made to look their best and, importantly, were all optimised for web to help reduce download time.

Ziwa Website Design

At this point all the hard work was done. Next came the really fun part of designing and building the site. We created some designs for the site which were met with instant approval. To host the site, we set up a hosting space on our fast secure servers. We then built the site using our preferred theme and plugins, which we know to produce faster web pages.

SEO & Web Design in Horsham

We have been providing web design services throughout the Horsham district, West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey since we began. However, with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google meet or whatever your preferred video conferencing software, we can work for anyone, anywhere.

So if your website could use a refresh or if it’s not performing on search engines, then we can help. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can build you a website that works.

Key Services:
SEO; Web Design; Copywriting

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