Nude Goose are a natural skincare company offering chemical and preservative-free skincare products with different ranges for different skin types. They officially launched their e-commerce website in December 2022 and are already getting noticed in industry beauty awards.

As a new company, they needed pretty much everything to get them up and running. They needed a brand, product labels, marketing materials, a branded gazebo, business cards and, of course, a website.

The Brand

We chose a great local brand agency called Beest Creative to work on the brand for us. We set the brief for the designers and worked together to come up with a name and develop the brand. It was important for the brand not to show any gender or age bias. The company has a strong eco-conscious ethos and the brand had to reflect that.

A mockup of an A5 booklet highlighting an advert design for Nude Goose, a natural skincare company.
A pack shot photograph of Nude Goose natural skincare products highlighting the product label design.

Product Label Design

We worked closely with Nude Goose to select packaging that was as recyclable as possible. We chose bio-degradable labels and opted for glass and aluminium packaging. The next task was to measure the chosen packaging and design the labels. Unlike many cosmetic brands, it was important to Nude Goose that their labels were written in plain English in a readable font size.

Product Photography

Once the first products had been produced, we needed some images to use for the website and other marketing materials. So we took pack shots of each of the products both individually and in every conceivable combination. We also needed to take shots of the various gift boxes that offer.

Print Design

We designed business cards, postcards, price boards, banners and gazebo branding to get the company up and running. We have also designed a series of ads for local printed publications.

E-Commerce Website

Nude Goose were selling at various markets and events to get the brand name out to the public. But their main aim is to drive sales online via their own e-commerce website. We carried out some keyword research but acknowledged that this is a fiercely competitive market. With a mobile-first approach, we built the website to our usual high standards, implementing all the usual SEO best practices.

Social Media

We set Nude Goose up on social media and continue to create organic and paid content. The brand is active on Instagram and Facebook and publishes new content regularly. We regularly set up national advertising campaigns through the Meta Ads Manager.

A mobile phone showing the Nude Goose Natural Skincare Home Page.