NatCon UK are one of the truly trusted building contractors in Sussex. Based between Crawley and East Grinstead they offer a comprehensive range of building services to the whole of the South-East. They are established industry professionals offering excellent levels of customer service, end-to-end project management and superior finishing.

Their old website was looking very dated. It was very slow and wasn’t getting found on search engines for any of the services that they provide. So, they asked us to freshen up their image and see what we could do with their search engine performance.

Keyword & Competitor Research

As we always do when working on SEO, we started with some research. In our experience it always pays to work out what potential customers are likely to type into a search engine. It’s also important to know what competition we’re up against for our target keywords.

Competitor research helps us to define what pages we need and how many we need. Whilst the keyword research helps to decide what content to put on the pages.

Website Copywriting

Content is one of the most important factors when it comes to the success of a website. Good quality, easy to read copy not only helps to convert customers, but it’s essential for SEO. NatCon UK are excellent at building house extensions, but they will admit that website copywriting isn’t one of their strengths.

So we set about copy-editing their existing copy and rewriting it from scratch where we deemed it necessary. And, as we were adding some new pages, we consulted with the client, did some research and wrote their new copy for them.

A mobile device displaying the responsive web design of the newly built NatCon UK website.
A tablet device showing the building services page of the recently redesigned NatCon UK website.

UX Design

NatCon are quite a large company, with quite a large team, and as such, they offer a lot of services. So it was important to try and make the site as easy as possible for potential customers to navigate. We wanted them to be able to find the correct information in as few clicks as possible.

The information on the pages needed to be both comprehensive, but also easily digestible. So, we pestered NatCon to provide us with as much imagery as possible and kept the paragraphs short. We also made sure that it was as easy as possible for web visitors to make contact.

Fast Websites

Web users are not renowned for their patience. If a website is too slow, they will hit the back button faster than a runaway train. It has been proven that every millisecond counts when it comes to website download speed.

So we have done research to find the fastest and most secure hosting that we can find. We use a company called SiteGround as their hosting comes with a whole host of built-in SEO and security features.

We have also researched the best WordPress themes, plugins and pages builders to use. Many of the popular page builders add lots of unnecessary code to the page, which slows them down. When we design a website, we design it to look good. But we also consider every single element to make it as fast as possible.

A Horsham Web Design & SEO Company

We are based in Horsham and many of our clients are based in West Sussex and the surrounding counties. But we also have clients based throughout the UK and even some abroad. If you are struggling to get your website found on search engines or if it’s looking a little dated, then get in touch. We’d love to speak to you about your website or any other aspect of your digital marketing.

Key Services:
SEO; Web Design; Copywriting; Copy Editing

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