Business Startup Website Package

Kilted Cocktails is a brand-new mobile bar hire company based in West Sussex. But there’s a twist. The owner, Connor has drawn on his Scottish heritage and wears his family tartan whilst serving cocktails to his customers.

Having converted a horse box into a stunning, fully equipped mobile bar, Kilted Cocktails needed a website to begin their online presence. Their brand was designed by Beest Creative, a great local brand design agency, based in Horsham.

To get the ball rolling with their online journey, they decided to take advantage of our Business Startup Website Package. We worked with the brand supplied by Beest Creative and created a bespoke flat design which was promptly approved.

We then set up our fast & secure web hosting and created an email account for them to start using.

A tablet device with a blue stylus showing the web design on the home page of the Kilted Cocktails website.
A smartphone highlighting the web design of the Kilted Cocktails website.

Copy Editing

Kilted Cocktails supplied us with all the copy for their site. We read it and made some useful suggestions on how to improve it. However, we still felt it needed a little work, so we made a few tweaks to it to improve it further.

You may notice that there are only four pages on this website (at the time of writing). Not the five pages we advertise in our startup package. That is because Kilted Cocktails wanted to add a gallery page to the site. However, being a brand-new business, they didn’t have any photos to put on it! So, we created the gallery, but have left it hidden from the menu. Once there are enough photos to make a worthwhile gallery, we will add a link to the menu.

Basic SEO

No matter what website we are building, we will cover the fundamental SEO best practices. Which is exactly what we did with this website. We made sure that alt tags were in place and that we added meta titles and descriptions to each page.

We edited all the images in Photoshop to ensure that they were fully optimised, ensuring a faster download. We also set up various levels of caching to help further with the download speed. And finally, we set up sitemaps and registered the site on Google Search Console.

So, if you’re throwing a party in Sussex or Surrey and would like a mobile cocktail bar, then contact Kilted Cocktails.

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