KA Beauty Salon in Billingshurst

KA Beauty is a small beauty salon in Billingshurst, West Sussex. And in 2019, we built a new website and developed a full digital marketing strategy. Not having a high street presence, KA Beauty was at a significant disadvantage to her main competitors. And with a very tight budget, there was no opportunity for paid digital marketing so all our efforts were organic. However, we’re pleased to say that in a very short space of time the site now ranks above her competitors for our chosen keyphrases.


keyword research / competitor research / copywriting / website build / local SEO / blog strategy / blog editing.

Social Media:
social media audit / social media strategy / content creation / social media planning.

Brand development / traditional marketing.

Notable successes

  • Massive increase of average monthly organic website visits of over 2,500%
  • Position 1 on Google for our three chosen keyphrases
  • Large increase in web form submissions
  • Notable increase of social media followers
  • Notable increase in contact from social media

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