A selection of four digital devices, each showing a different page of the KA Beauty website.

KA Beauty is a small beauty salon, originally based in Billingshurst but now has moved to Horsham. They offer a full range of beauty services including nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, waxing, massage and facials.

As a relatively new business they needed a web presence to try and attract new business. They also needed an online booking system for their existing clients to book treatments. So, they asked us not only to build them a website, but to get it found organically on search engines.

Whilst this may not seem like such a difficult task, there is a lot of competition in this industry. For instance, a simple search for massage in any geographical area will yield many results.

Website SEO – Part 1

There are a few established beauty salons in Billingshurst, so their websites were the ones we had to beat. We carried out some keyword research along with some mini site audits of the competitor websites.

The research gave us the information we needed to create new content for the site and to set targets. We set a minimum number of pages that we needed and what keywords each page was going to target.

It wasn’t long before we saw our website ranking in the top spot in Billingshurst for our target keywords. But, more importantly, KA Beauty were getting new bookings as a result of organic searches.

A smartphone showing the Nail Treatments page of the KA Beauty website.
A tablet device showing the Lash and Brow Treatment page of the KA beauty website.

Website SEO – Part 2

The next stage of our job became a little more challenging when the business moved from Billingshurst to Horsham. Horsham has a much larger population and consequently there are more establishments offering the same beauty services as KA Beauty.

All our work to date had focussed on Billingshurst, but now there was a lot more competition. We effectively had to start again. Luckily we had already done the research and the core of the site was really strong. It was a question of making tweaks to the site and waiting to see how it performed.

Within a few months, we started to see the site appearing on page 1 of Google for our target keywords. And over the subsequent months it improved and now holds some very respectable positions.

  • Facials in Horsham (1)
  • Brow Treatments in Horsham (1)
  • Waxing in Horsham (2)
  • Nail Treatments in Horsham (3)
  • Massage in Horsham (4)
  • Swedish Massage in Horsham (2)
  • Lash Treatments in Horsham (4)

Web Design & SEO in Horsham

Based in Horsham, we offer web design services throughout the district, across the UK and even for clients abroad. There are no secrets to explain why our websites perform so well on search engines. We just build good quality efficient websites that follow all the SEO best practices and target the most appropriate keywords.

If your business is not ranking where it should be or you need a stronger web presence, then we can help. Send us a message today and let’s get started.