The Courti Estate is a luxury villa estate in Corfu. It is a historic 18th Century building that was lovingly restored by the current owners. With its 9 double bedrooms it now serves as a popular wedding venue and a luxury villa retreat. Located a short walk from the beach, it is a gated villa with its own private infinity pool and organic farm.

A Website Rebuild

We were originally recommended to The Courti Estate to make updates to their existing WordPress website. Eventually though, it became clear that the site would benefit from a redesign. Sometimes a site can look nice, but the way it has been built can tell a different story.

In this case, custom built themes and lots of unnecessary plugins were slowing the website down. We do not host the site, so we don’t have the luxury of daily backups or rollback facility. Without this safety net and with a custom-built theme, it meant that WordPress updates were a little precarious.

We decided that the best course of action was to rebuild the site. This would speed up the site, making it quicker to download and easier to update. It also meant that it would have the added bonus of giving it a face lift.

We redesigned the website, giving it a fresher look and feel, whilst staying true to the existing brand identity. All the imagery on the site was enhanced, optimised and exported to a much more efficient file format.

Two floating mobile phones on a white background showing two different pages from The Courti Estate website rebuild.
A mobile phone on a white background showing the new Services page of The Courti Estate website rebuild.

Copy Editing for SEO

To further enhance the performance of the site, we carried out some research to help us create a keyword strategy. It only takes a couple of searches to see how fiercely competitive the villa rental market is. Nevertheless, we picked the best strategy for the Courti site to give it the best chance of ranking. Once we made our selections, we went through the site, page by page, editing the copy and optimising it.

Custom functionality

This was a fun project for us to work on as we had to customise some of the usual features. For instance, the gallery section is made from a seamless combination of galleries, events and custom post types. The ‘History of the Villa’ page features a nice custom scrolling timeline feature. We also had to plug in an availability widget from the Beds24 booking site.

The client had previously had some custom graphics created to show the floorplans of various rooms on the estate. However, a few of them weren’t quite correct, so we were asked if we could fix them. The problem was that the original source files were not available. If they had been, the task would have been a lot easier. Instead, we had to use our best photoshopping skills, borrowing bits from other rooms to create the correct layouts.

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