The Billingshurst & District Lions Club is a local charity that helps with community projects, other charities and international causes. They carry out many fundraising activities throughout the year and like to help wherever they can within the local community.

Like any charity, maintaining a local presence and public awareness is crucial to their efforts. And although their relationship is strong with the local newspapers and printed publications, their digital presence really needed some attention.

A New Website

The initial problem that we were asked to solve was how we could make the Club more visible online. Our first response was that a new website on their own domain was essential to bring them up to date.

We started the same way that we start all websites, be it for a business or for a charity. And that is by evaluating what the site needed to achieve.

A mobile phone showing the News page on the Billingshurst Lions Club website.
A desktop computer showing a section of the front page of the Billingshurst Lions Club website.
  • Events: The club is very active in the community running many events throughout the year.
  • News: With monthly press releases, there is no shortage of club news which can be highlighted in the blog.
  • Key Projects: The new site offers a great opportunity for the Club to inform the community about what they do. We have also added a ‘Recent Donations’ page so people can learn about some of the lesser know ways in which the Lions help.
  • New Membership: Increasing the membership is a great way to offer more to the local community. Not only have we highlighted member social events, but we have created a dedicated new member section on the site.
  • Donations: The Club makes most of their money from their charity bookshop and fundraising events. However we wanted to make it much easier for people to make donations.
A mobile phone showing a post for Prostate Screening on the Billingshurst & District Lions Facebook page.

Social Media Marketing

We also help the Lions to boost local awareness with their organic social media content. The idea is to make people more aware of Lions events, such as car boot sales and charity golf days. The Billingshurst & District Lions Club also run a very popular charity bookshop, so we use Facebook to promote it.

In April 2024, in conjunction with Prostate Cancer Support Organisation, the Lions arranged a prostate screening event. We created website landing page a Facebook post, highlighting the event and used local Facebook groups to gain organic awareness. The post had 70 shares and over 10,000 impressions.

Print Design

We have also designed several printed materials for the Lions Club. These include A5, A4 and A3 flyers to promote events, adverts for local publications, banners and branding for hi-vis vests.

Web Design in Horsham

If you are thinking about a new website for your business or organisation, then we’d love to hear from you. We are based in Horsham and service many local businesses, but we have clients as far afield as Africa. So, no matter where you are, send us a message to see how we can help.

A flyer for a prostate screening event designed for the Billingsurst & District Lions.