Website Audit

Identify where your website is letting you down.

What is a website audit?

A website audit is a full breakdown and analysis of every element of a website. A thorough audit will not only evaluate a website's search engine optimisation, but will scrutinise it's ability to successfully guide visitors from key landing pages through to a successful conversion.

Why do I need a website audit?

Your website has the potential to be your most valuable marketing tool. It is your online brochure; your virtual shop window; a contact form; your shop. It allows potential clients to find out about your business and to assist them in buying your product or service. It works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and represents your business on the world wide web. But simply owning a website does not guarantee conversions. In fact a poor website could actually do more harm than good by damaging your reputation. Therefore a website audit is critical if you want to ensure that your site is working as efficiently as it can to help meet your marketing needs.

How can Sussex Digital Marketing help?

The first step is to meet and discuss your business, your marketing goals, your target customer base, your current website performance, your current keyword strategy and any other factors that give us an insight into the Key Success Outcome (KSO) of your website.

This will allow us to perform an in-depth audit of your website. We will assess the design, layout, navigation and user experience to ensure it is as fluid as can be. Following this we will perform an on-site audit, an off-site audit and a technical audit. After this, we will check cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, URL structure and Meta data. In fact, there are many checks that highlight where your site is working and where it can be improved.

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