Display Advertising

Show your ads on relevant websites

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising involves placing your ads on third party web pages that are relevant to your product or service. These might be text ads, image ads, video ads or rich media ads. Google, for example, has a huge network of over 2 million websites (including YouTube) called the Google Display Network. So, a display campaign allows you to advertise on any sites within this network that are relevant to your audience.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is display advertising that specifically shows your ads to people that have previously visited your website or app. So, when someone visits your site or views a specific product, a cookie is left on their browser. Likewise, their cookie ID is added to your remarketing list. This allows you to specifically advertise to those people who have previously shown an interest in your product or service.

This is useful when someone adds a product to their cart but leaves without purchasing it. You can place an ad for that specific product in front of that person.

How can Sussex Marketing help?

Our experts can walk you through the whole process of formulating your display advertising strategy. Furthermore, we can design your ads and implement them for you.

It pays to evaluate your website content before engaging in display campaign. There is little point paying to drive traffic to your website if it is unlikely to convert the new visitors. We will always give you an honest assessment before you make any investment.

Is display advertising right for me?

If you're unsure, why not give us a call? We love talking about this stuff and won't convince you to spend money if it's not right for your business.

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