Digital Advertising

Speed things up with a paid digital advertising campaign

Paid Ads

Increasing your website traffic organically through search engine optimisation is a popular and effective method, but it doesn't happen overnight. It can be a lengthy process. If you are looking to increase your website visitors sooner, then a paid advertising campaign could be right for you.

Digital Advertising Strategy

Before we work on your strategy, we need to carry out the relevant research. We need to understand what you hope to achieve from your digital advertising campaign, what your business does, your target audience and what your competitors are doing.

We will need to audit your website in order to evaluate its content and its ability to convert visitors for the suggested search terms. Finally, we will carry out keyword research and agree on the search terms that are right for your audience, your content and your budget.

Once we have all the information to hand, we will develop and implement your strategy, making best use of the available digital advertising channels that are right for your business and your audience.

Our Core Digital Advertising Offering

There are three core areas that we specialise in at Sussex Marketing that we will integrate into your Digital Advertising strategy.

    1. Firstly, there’s Paid Search. Which, in short, is paying search engines to display your link at the top of a search results page. This is a lot quicker than allowing it to happen organically. However, to be effective, you need to know what search terms to target. Learn more…
    2. Then there’s Display Advertising, where your ads are show on relevant websites. Like paid search, this is beneficial as it is highly targeted advertising. Learn more..
    3. Lastly, we have Social Media Advertising, which is a very powerful and highly targeted advertising channel. By choosing the right platform and the right audience we can make your advertising budget work very efficiently. Learn more…

To discuss any of the digital advertising options available to you then why not get in touch with us today?

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